Vedic Gram Agriculture The soil is fertile, underground water is ample, monsoons do come. BUT the land is mostly not arable currently, because of the Kikar Menace. However, with some investment and effort, the land can be made ready for a progressive potential.
The Kikar Menace: The Vilayati Kikar (Prosopis juliflora) is an invasive shrub from American deserts. It needs minimal water and no care to grow and spread. Because of this property, in early 1980s, the then Indira Gandhi Govt, got its seeds sprinkled from helicopter on the whole of Bundelkhand, Rajasthan, etc., to cover the open lands with some form of vegetation. The plant today is a menace. It doesn’t have any ayurvedic or fodder benefits (except for its seasonal beans for goats, who further spread it). It has big hard thorns capable of bursting any vehicle’s tyres. It doesn’t allow other trees / plants to thrive in the region. Its roots spread both laterally and vertically, beneath the soil, and the plant keeps on propping even after clearing the top soil. Since the poor farmers, could not invest much on cleaning the kikar away, they have resorted to minimal farming, which have kept this region underdeveloped and poor. It is now proven invasive and all Govts. and forest authorities have allowed their cleaning. The only way to clean this menace is to do deep soil uprooting of entire plant family, that too over a big plot of land. This process has to be done for atleast 3 times, taking about 1.5 to 2 years of time. It costs about a lac rupees per acre to do such cleaning, and needs help of JCB machines.
The Progressive Potential: Average land price for an average fertile soil land, in interior India, is about Rs.7 to 10 lacs per acre. Because of underdevelopment of this region and the Kikar menace, this land price is currently (Y-2021) only Rs.3 lacs per acre (~44,000 sq. ft.). We believe that with some time, effort, additional investment (~Rs.1lac per acre), and most importantly with economies of scale, we can increase its worth to the country’s average, by the year 2025. The soil is fertile, underground water is ample. We have already purchased about 48 Acres of land. The project has kick started. The cleaning of land is under progress. Some amount of agriculture has started. What farming will get us best profits? That’s under research. Lots of thoughts, big plans, and execution leadership. Join Us !! Moreover, to build up a team and prop up the village economics, Gurukuls, Gaushala, Vanprastha Ashram, Tourism, Chikitsalaya, etc. are also being established.
Investing in Vedic Gram Agri Lands:

  • To ensure economies of scale, all agricultural land is being procured under a partnership firm (LLP).
  • One can invest in multiples of “Acres”. Currently, one acre is of 3 lacs.
  • Parting in future will also be easy… just by selling off your partnership (in multiples of acres) to another buyer OR by getting the land transferred to your own name.
We also request you to donate Rs. 1 lac to the trust for various village developmental activities.