Farm Guest House
Vedic Ashramodyan:A Farm Guest House

About 105 Kms (3 hours), south of Kanpur, UP, a new Vedic Village has been established. The village comprises of a Vanaprastha Ashram, Farm house, Gaushala and agricultural land. We invite you for stay, holiday and vacation with family and experience the serenity of the Vedic Village.

    The following facilities are available:
  1. Newly constructed furnished rooms with attached bathrooms and water heater.
  2. Satvik complete food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and general kitchen services.
  3. Fresh vegetables from farmhouse; desi gaushala products such as milk, butter, ghee, chaas, etc.
  4. Prayer hall and library.
  5. Wi-fi and quality mobile connectivity.
  6. 24 hour car availability.
  7. Attractions:
  8. Destress, Freshness, Health, Meditation, Havan, Sunrise, Sunbath etc.
  9. Live with Birds, Peacocks, Cows, etc.
  10. Do some farming, Pluck your own vegetables.
  11. Community service in your own area of expertise (e.g. teaching, agri-research, accounting, general mgmt., etc.).
  12. Light and digestive fresh ground water.
  13.   Vacation attractions for children:
  14. Play with calves, Taste the milk direct from mother cow.
  15. Ride and run along the Bullock carts.
  16. Do some farming, Pluck your own vegetables;
  17. Learn to do meditation and havan and pronounce key mantras
  18. Watch sunrise and sunsets
  19. Do Village photography, Shoot Peacocks
  20. Cost to cost assessment (options):
  21. Rs. 750/-^ per adult / per day (all inclusive);
[^ Free for children, students, brahmacharis and sanyasis; 80G benefit available]