Perhaps, a bit too idealistic Gaushala and Ghee… A model 'Vedic Gram' has been established based on ancient rural economics. The village has a Gaushala which produces "Ayurvedic Ghee", which conforms to the following 22 ideals.
List of 22 ideals

    Cow Fodder
  1. Mix of dry / wet
  2. Added nutrient / supplements (Gur, seeds, soaked grains, etc.)
  3. Seasonal herbs for medicinal value (shankhpushpi, etc.)
  4. Pesticide / Fertilizer free fodder
  5. Cow Care
  6. Periodic Veterinary check
  7. Daily bathing
  8. Daily grazing and sunbathing (pesticide free surroundings)
  9. Added supplements for Milch / In-Calf Cows
  10. All cows, bulls, calf and oxen kept and fed, regardless of their commercial value
  11. Cow Variety
  12. Indian breed (Kenkatha breed of Mathura region); Nutritious milk but with less fat (3.5%); Milch cows give about 3 liters milk (after calf feeding) on average
  13. Developmental Effects
  14. Employment to local youth
  15. Food for Gurukul brahmacharis
  16. Chhaas (skimmed curd) is distributed to village children
  17. Gau Gober, etc. is used for agriculture
  18. Milk Production
  19. Residual milking after calf feed
  20. Manual milking (no electronics used)
  21. Dahi / Curd Production
  22. From Fresh Boiled Milk
  23. Fresh Culture / Curd used
  24. Butter Production
  25. From Fresh Dahi/Curd
  26. Bilona process
  27. Ghee Production
  28. From White butter
  29. Boiled on Chulha fired with Gau Uppal
  1. Rs.2500 per kg + courier charges [Ken Katha is a rare breed. Its milk is low in fat but high on nutrition; 1 kg in 27-30 liters milk]
  2. Inclusive of courier charges, for min order of 3 Kgs
  3. Additional free samples of village products also sent
  4. Cost to cost basis to make the gaushala self sustainable
  5.  Order on WhatsApp Number: 79880 82971