Vedic Gram

Vedic Gram is a model self sustainable village, based on ancient vedic knowledge. The project is being led by Acharya Ravindra, Vedic Scholar, M. Tech., who has done 27 years of deep research and authored 3 books on this subject.

Vedic Gram is located in Upper Bundelkhand (Western ‘UP-MP border’), once the karma-bhumi of Rajputs and Marathas [Try remembering this couplet: बुंदेले हरबोलों के मुँह _ _ _ _, खूब लड़ी मर्दानी, वह _______]. The region is undisturbed by industrial development andpossess a huge potential in agriculture and Gram-Udyog.

Vedic Gram is surrounded by a protected forest on one side and organic agricultural lands on the other three sides. It is under development since April 2018 and so far, a basic version of the following has been developed viz., (i) An Ashram cum Farm house, (ii) Gaushala and (iii) Organic Agriculture.

The objective of this village is to make a replicable model of a self sustainable village, that provides a peaceful and progressive lifestyle based on vedic values. The village will make equitable space for students (Brahmcharis), couples (Gruhashthas), retired people (Vanaprasthis) and guests (Sanyasis, dignitaries and other guests). The village will provide education and employment for village youth and satvik products for its investors, visitors and related.

If you have ever imagined yourself as a guided farm owner or a village vacationer, then this is the right time for you also to join us.