Today there has been a lot of material development in the world; but this progress has also brought many problems along with it. Natural lifestyle of man has almost been destroyed. The facilities are definitely increasing, but the happiness and peace for which we are increasing these facilities; unfortunately, are going away from us. We need to learn from our forefathers in this matter. It has been said in the Vedas that we should take advantage of resources and facilities available around us; but at the same time, we also have to maintain peace and balance in the world. However, today we are doing just the opposite. The development we are doing, the way we are earning money, using the comforts and facilities, we are doing all that against the nature and religion. We are exploring the possibilities of human life on Moon and Mars, accumulating wealth for us and our children but in the process, we are destroying the ecosystem leaving this earth unfit for life. What is the use of all this wealth in such a situation?

Today it is necessary that we create a favorable environment for natural life again on this earth so that our children can breathe pure and clean air. Just as we wish for nutritious and disease-killing food by chanting the mantra ‘Annapate’ before meals, we should try to get enough quantity of cow’s ghee, milk, curd and natural, non-poisonous different types of food, fruits and vegetables etc. There is also a tearing need to establish strong and sweet relationship within the family, friends and relatives and explore various means to make life happy. We have destroyed this type of lifestyle which was developed by our forefathers in the past. Therefore, there is a great need to restore it. In this against this backdrop and emerging need that Vedic Gram intends to establish a large Vidya Kendra (Gurukul and Sanskarshala), where a new society can be built through holistic study-teaching-training in every field of life. The aim of this Vidya Kendra will be mainly to give knowledge about the true form of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha and the means to achieve them and to make students and seekers practice the conduct according to them.