The Vedic Gram Project took a concrete form as an idea in the year 2018. A proposal was made to people willing to set up a Vedic Village with some investment for the land required. That investment was deposited in their name as investment in Vedic Krishi Anusandhan Parishad LLP and they became partners. The partners and many other supporters also voluntarily contributed for a trust created for charitable activities like goshala, gurukul etc.. A total of 63 acres of land has been purchased so far with the amount thus received. Chain Link Fencing of about 50 acres of land has been completed. A lot of land has also been leveled and mini sprinkler and drip arrangements have been made on about 28 acres of land.  A Gaushala is being operated with a population of 50 small and big local indigenous cattle.  Chyawanprash, Amla Chutney etc. are made and sold.  Kautilya Arthashastra has been conducting classes and lectures in an introductory form to other Vedic literature.